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    County leaders to my company research

    Release time:2016-08-24 14:20:31      Views:

            August 23, 2016 morning, the county Party Secretary Shen Mingquan line to my company research, Wu Zhenqing, chairman of the company on the construction of the center of the work and the future development of the direction of a detailed introduction. Shen secretary listened carefully to the introduction, to my company technology center of the work to give a high evaluation and fully affirmed that the company in future development, technology and innovation as the direction of enterprise development ideas gave high evaluation. At the same time, for the development of related work in the late stage of our company and product development and other direction, put forward their own valuable advice. Wu Zhenqing, chairman, said the company will do a good job in the case of outstanding enterprises to provide services for more customers to contribute to the economic construction of our county.


    Anji County, Xiao Shu Industrial Park




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